Thank you Erasmus+

This was my first participation in an Erasmus+ project and although I was one of the oldest (38 years old), I really enjoyed every moment during the course.     

I live in Athens and i am aware of the conditions inside camps, so i found the Lavrio camp in a very good condition regarding the environment and the organization. The refugees were not complaining for their services and there were some examples of optimistic and empowered cases that inspired me.     

During the training course I was taught very interesting evaluation tools with whom youth workers asses the participation of young people inside the community and learned about the significance of education to empower them. Through the debates and exercises among the group good practices and ideas were shared and discussed and that gave a sense of active participation in the community.     

I believe that non formal methods really work in raising awareness about migrants and cultivate empathy and understanding of their needs and rights.     

I would like ti suggest a better selection of participants for the future projects and more concentrated knowledge for each topic from day one. Also what I found interesting during the course was the lack of emotional management of some participants in their approach to refugees’ hardships and vulnerability. Setting clear boundaries for the shake of both sides is mandatory.     

In conclusion, I should say that I loved the team work and bonding among the participants despite the cultural and political differences. It was a lifetime experience and the enthusiasm and life force of the younger ones was really inspiring and overwhelming for me. Thank you Erasmus+ !!!

Flora Vrodamiti – Greece

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