Participating in Erasmus+ project, questions and answers!

Hi, my name is Nancy. I’m 26 years old and I have finished business administration. At the project I was attracted by the word “volunteer”. It was my first time that I have participated in Erasmus+ program and even with a new organisation from Athens.

It is favored that I had questions such as:

  1. Where I’m going?
  • The organizer has ordered the places you will be visiting.Don’t worry!!! You have just to start from your team’s meeting point!

2. It will be difficult?!?

  • Nothing is difficult! Professional rapporteurs will guide you through all the exercises and of course will have the help and cooperation from all the participants.

3. What I have to do?

  • It is not how much you try, it is about how you do it. You only need your positive energy to follow the printed program that will be given to you. Remember something small – we are a lot of people who are waiting for you, so don’t be late at the meeting points!

4. Who will be there?

  • Firstly Greek team will be there and equal groups from other countries as well as volunteer organizers. Between them there will be your new friends. As far as the whole people you meet is surprisingly many and evaluative.

5. What kind of treatment will I get from my “enemy groups” of my country?

  • Greece’s enemies exist only for the governments! Don’t forget that! We belong to the younger generation and honestly we don’t have to divide anything, just to share and exchange experiences. You will meet people with a lot of humor and interests. Confidentially you will have more of a common experience with them than with your parents. In addition you will learn many things about the hostile neighboring countries that you ignored. You will get the desire to see them again and to know these countries better.

6. Will I match and will be able to cooperate with the other members of my team?

  • Cooperation you will have with all the participants and especially with the members of your group because you have the same goal. To present Greece in a way that everyone will be interested to learn about and visit our country.

7. Do I have to achieve a goal?

  • The objectives that have to be achieved are mainly personal. Everyone perceives the program’s experiences differently and it is the most interesting part in “summarize meeting”

8. How much money will I need there to spend?

  • Erasmus+ program has the policy the participants not to spend their own money. You don’t need money at all except if you want to buy souvenirs or if you want to try some drinks or food extra of the program.

9. My English language isn’t in proficiency level. Will I be able to respond?

  • Don’t worry about that! The Greeks will be always with you to help and further you will practice your English. It will be funny and later you will going to learn some daily words as “good morning” in different languages for example in Turkish and in Spanish. So enjoy the team.

In conclusion I would like to say a big THANK YOU to our leader Blagoj Ristov. I can describe him as a polite giant and he will protect you and help you to whatever you want. Cooperation with him was excellent. He is like “all-knowing” man and I’m glad he chosen me for the Greek team. Hope you will join organisation and have fun as we did.

Nancy Touliopoulou – Greece

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