Your Voice Matters 21-27.08.2019

The 41 participants from 8 European countries (leaders and youth workers, with a disability) identified the same problems: alarming situation of exclusion and marginalization of people with disabilities into society and the labor market. In addition, many people need advice support for increasing self-confidence, training and development skills, for employment. Youth workers play an important role in supporting them and raise awareness of the negative effects of marginalization of young people with disabilities by facilitating alternative ways of learning through nonformal activities

Aim: to increase the competencies of 41 youth workers/ youth leaders from 8 countries in working with young with disabilities and sharing best practices to promote social and economic inclusion of people with disabilities through the use of nonformal education

Specific objectives:

-creating partnerships and networks between organizations working with young people with disabilities by encouraging the exchange of experiences and by providing inclusion of all stakeholders in order to promote social inclusion in society;

-Empowering the 41 youth workers in management and writing projects with Erasmus+ and Familiarize them with the Youthpass instrument-design and development of new projects for youth for 41 participants with and for young people with disabilities to apply tools and methods acquired by non-formal education used in working with young people with disabilities

-knowing the situation of persons with disabilities to EU-wide legislation in order to increase their chances of employment-overcome the prejudices and promote the tolerance and intercultural dialogue for 41 participants, with a different cultural background

These objectives will be achieved through non formal education methods, creating free spaces for exchanging and learning, in a climate of respect and empathy towards each other. Participants are expected to exchange their points of view and share their ideas and experiences on the topic

In this context, the activities to be carried out are the following: group dynamics,games, icebreakers,simulation, field visit,seminars, debates, workshops, working groups,assessment activities, technical projects development techniques for analyzing problem

Each partner will send 5 participants who are interested in developing skills and competencies in this field.There is no age limit, but participants should be over 18. The target group of participants consists of: youth workers, trainers, project managers,youth leaders, people who work directly with young with disabilities,who want to improve their knowledge and skills regarding social inclusion. The participants will be selected by each partner organization based on the Europass Curiculum Vitae and the application form.

The selection criteria are:

-the desire to share experiences, best practice,-willingness to work on social inclusion, employability, developing future Erasmus + projects-are interested in enriching knowledge on Erasmus + projects and willing to learn and gain new skills and knowledge which will be used to support young people with disabilities in finding a job-interest in promoting cultural and knowledge of other cultures; involvement in activities undertaken by the organization-ability to work in a team, personal and professional development.-knowledge of English at B1 level-working with unemployed or young people with fewer opportunities-have the ability to disseminate the project in the local community