Green vs grey

Urbanization has been for years the main trend around the world. Most people who were born rush into modern cities. Obviously, there exist great differences between village style and city lifestyle. It is hard to say which one is better.

Living in a city often means higher salary, more opportunities, more commodity, polluted air, traffic jams, better medical care, noise, overfilling with buildings, educational resources, better infrastructure etc. On the contrary, in small villages you can breathe fresh air, live safer life, drink water with better quality, not to worry about parking place, find calm and peace in your soul, eat better agriculture products which you have produced. But, also you will have problems with transportation in villages, bad infrastructure, narrow-minded people, no medical care and isolation from the urban people and urban life.

Because of the not having parks and green areas in the city, people have to travel or live in village in order to be close to nature. Villagers easily access nature beauties such as mountains, forests, rivers and sea. These people daily are connected to nature and environment.

It is up to you to choose where you want to live. Choose wisely and care for the nature!

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