Free time in nature

How can we spend our free time in nature?

The nature is around us. If you live in a village probably you are close to a forest or a lake or you have a lot of plants in your garden. If you live in a city maybe you need to spend more time in order to find a calm place to relax, out your town. Without of a doubt sometimes everyone needs to be close to nature and take the fresh breath.

Spending time in the nature has indisputable. But why would you bother doing that, if it isn’t your natural inclination. First of all, it improves mental acuity – walking outdoors help us think better also nature can help us with mood and mental health – nature is a great stress reliever. It keeps our sunlight exposure healthy – vitamin D deficiency is very important.

After proving to you, why we should spend more time to the nature our next topic is how we can do this? For sure, there are a lot of things that each-one of us can do. There are countless possibilities we can change our work environment. Does your job requires you to be in front of a screen laptop? When take it with you and go to the local green spaces and join the sunlight and oxygen while still getting things done. The change of work environment is very important in today’s world because it develops the employees adapting skills.

One connection between nature and the person can be sports. When we do sports in nature we feel more energized. In Greece, you have the opportunity to do many different sports in nature such as going on hiking at the mountains or do rock climbing  or  doing skiing because of the many mountains we have in this country. Concerning water sports like sailing, canoeing, kayak. We have many different spots we can do these activities and seaside and rivers and also many competitions on a national and international level. Very important are the weather conditions that allow these sports to be done throughout the whole year.

We cannot forget the connection between nature and cultural heritage. As we have seen here in Methoni, one that wants to be closer to nature cannot forget about cultural heritage. For example, seeing the sea and the rocky beaches here you have to be closer in culture and visit the castle. This situation is similar in other places in Greece as well. Historical sites and nature are for sure connected.

In order to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, a trip on a weekend can be a solution. Quality time with your friends, family or partner and enjoying the beautiful surroundings and sunsets. People bring food, guitars and their smiles and enjoy each others company. In Greece you can find organized camping sites everywhere in a very good price. The idea is good for holidays as well.

Last but not least, you can be close to nature in your own house. Gardening activities, cooking fresh vegetables. Growing your own fruits can make you feel more relaxed and close to nature. Going to city parks, having a dog and going around walking are an idea too.

To conclude, there are a lot of ways to be close to nature on your free time. The issue is to define your free time and have the freedom to do whatever you truly want. Internet is a very crucial resources for these activities so use it wisely!

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