Are we doing enough for the nature?!?

Save the forest before reforestation is needed

Nature is not very popular topic among people. Nowadays forests are endangered. In our article we want to tell you some sentences about fire in nature. In many countries people have different approach to environment. For example in Macedonia people are not so nature friendly. They throw rubbish on the ground. Fortunately two weeks ago volunteers from Turkey and Macedonia from Association Pavel Shatev cleaned the lake in Kocani.

In Poland people organize events to help the environment. They have many organizations: LOP/liga ochrony pryrody or Polish Ecological club. Two months ago in Greece there was a big forest fire in witch a lot of people lost their lives. Search parties combed ruined homes for bodies. Volunteers sought out injured and frightened people and pets. By Friday the death toll had reached 89, with people still missing. The high death toll could be attributed to reasons ranging from the labyrinthine roads to the hurricane-force gusts of wind.

Enviroment: Different countries, different tretmant

Every country treats nature differently. Some countries protect environment in any possible way and some others don’t so there are the devious consequences that are doing to the explained on this article. For example, in Poland they created some new rules these last year about recycling like making more colored bins to separate the rubbish. In this way, they are avoiding production waste, starting wild fires and generally destroying the environment. Although in Greece the recycling act should be more activated these days because the waste that people make is cousing wild fires.

In Norway the hydro electric power has been banned and replaced by other energy sources that have less environmental impact. One step the government has found is to encourage organizations and homeowners to burn bi-cross for heath and power, as opposed to fossil fuels. In the same time, Macedonia does not respect the environment that  much of particular concern is air pollution from metallurgical plants. Major polluters of surface and ground waters are households and industrial sewage systems, while in agricultural areas and farming industry, milk and meat industry, slaughterhouses etc.

How we can help the nature?

Don’t throw garbage and cigarets when we are inside the car or we are pasing from the nature.

  • height that way we reduce the possibility for the fire and pollution

Don’t cut the trees from the forest for your personal use.

  • that your possible to do is your going to some events and festivals about  reforestation and recycling and you are helping the environment.

Don’t burn garbage and dent create landfields.

  • That you have to do your going in the forest and you select the garbage. That we have to do we have to teach the child’s from the young years how to react the behavior they have to protect out environment and that we have to do we have to protect the eco system for our children. We have to be more informed so we can be more prepared.

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