Interviews with locals and tourists

  • Ms. Eugenia (local)
  • Is the local community environmentally friendly?
    Yes, they do environmental actions, such as cleaning the beach and the village.
  • Is Greece in general environmentally friendly?
    I don’t know.
  • Do you personally do something for environment?
    Yes, I am trying to recycle.
  • Is there any factory which pollutes the environment?
    No, there isn’t.
  • Do you think tourists pollute the environment?
  • Mr. Nikos (local)
  • Do you think Greece is environmentally friendly?
    Yes, there are not any big factories which pollute if we compare Greece to other countries.
  • What about the local community?
    Yes, the community is friendly to the environment. It’s also a protected area, it belongs to the program NATURA.
  • Any suggestions about more things we can do to protect the environment?
    It’s something personal. Every individual have to do something to protect nature.
  • Mr. Aris and Ms. Eleni Psihari (locals)
  • Is Greece friendly with the environment?
  • What about the local community?
    The local community is doing the best.
  • Is there, in your opinion, something more that can be done?
    Yes. We can always do something better and I believe youngsters are able to do and fix many things.
  • Do you do environmentally friendly actions?
    We recycle.
  • Is there any factory which pollute?
    No, there isn’t.
  • Ms. Dionisia (From Australia)
  • Is Greece environmentally friendly?
    Yes, of course.
  • If you compare Greece to Australia, which of them is more friendly to the environment?
  • Do you do activities for the environment?
    I do. But here, in Methony I can’t. People here are not throwing papers and stuff in the recycling beans. In Australia we have three different beans, one for cans, cartons and bottles, one for grass and one for the other rubbish.
  • Do you think this happens only in Methony or everywhere in Greece?
    I have been in Athens too and there is the same problem.
  • Seo (local)
  • Do you think Greece is environmentally friendly?
    Yes, they are trying to do their best.
  • Do you as an individual do something to help nature?
    Yes, I recycle and I help when community cleans the beach.
  • Do you believe there are more things that can be done?
    Yes, we don’t have to throw things away, on the road, that is not good.
  • Mr. and Ms. Martin (From France and Germany)
  • Do you find Greece a clean country?
    Yes, but not everywhere. Here in Methony the environment is clean but in big towns it isn’t.
  • Are German and France cleaner than Greece?
    Yes, they are.
  • Mario (From Macedonia)
  • Do you think Greece is environmentally friendly?
  • What about your country?
    Of course no.
  • Why is this happening?
    It’s because of our mentality.
  • Do you recycle?
    We have recycling bins but we do not recycle.
  • Baki (From Macedonia)
  • Do you think Greece is environmentally friendly?
  • What about Macedonia?
    Also no.
  • Do you recycle?

Yes, I do.

  • Vladimir (from Macedonia)
  • Do you think Greece is friendly to the environment?
    I don’t know, 50-50.
  • Are you environmentally friendly?
    A little bit.
  • Do you throw your cigarettes everywhere, on the street?
    All the time.
  • What about your garbage?
    I throw them in the bins… Most of it.

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