We Do Care About Recyclables – Msida, Malta 04-08.05.2021

Hello everyone!
We would like to welcome you to this magnificent recycling project. Thank you for your participation, ardour, and team spirit. In the next five days, you will have a great time filled with fun activities, interesting discussions, and a lot of new perspectives on the recycling issue. We are sure, that we can make a change together and improve our approach to the environment. Specifically, help Malta to be more effective and eco-friendly due to recycling problems.
As you already know, the project moves completely to the online platform SEPPO. You don’t have to worry, this program is user-friendy. We are sending you a quick training game. This is the code for the game: C9G111. Just go to play.seppo.io or download an app, enter this code and play!
Take a look at the schedule – you can see all the future activities and where they will take place. We will have a discussion online on Zoom, so get prepared and have a good internet connection, function camera and microphone. It is necessary, that you will actively participate and fulfil all the assigned tasks.
Your first and fundamental task is to make a short, but poignant presentation about recycling in your country. We trust you, that you will present a truthful picture and you will be honest. Each team will get one hour for their presentation (the after the discussion is included, so we recommend to present forty minutes and then leave twenty minutes for the questions.
Here are some major subjects that you should write about:
• Describe the whole process of recycling (from the kitchen – recycle bin – final product)
• For example glass, paper, clothes, electronic waste, compost etc.
• Start with your own home and yourself, continue with your home town and region
• Then talk about recycling processing in your country
• Imply what are the challenges and obstruction
• Focus also on how your country comply with European waste regulation
We hope, that the information is clear for you. If you have any questions, contact us. We are looking forward to seeing you and your presentations. We wish you the best of luck.
We are excited for the begging of May when we will all get together for our project 😊
Now you should have all the information, that you need, so let the game begin!!

We Do Care about Recyclables Schedule of Project Activities:

Tuesday 4th of May
Morning (9. – 11:00) online meeting
 Opening of the conference, welcoming of participants
 Get to know everyone in the video konference
 Program Reminders
 Get to know two SEPPO programs that will accompany participants throughout the project
 Introduction to the first SEPPO programme – Get to know Malta!

  • participants will perform tasks over the next few days, going through the different levels
  • the goal of this program is to acquaint all participants with Malta and its history, culture, nature and attractions
     Introduction to the second SEPPO programme – Recycling and you
  • participants will complete creative tasks on this platform, which will always prepare them for the next programme while at the same time raising their awareness of recycling
    Evening (18 – 20:00) online meeting
     SEPPO summary, if everyone is doing well, discussion
     Icebreaker games

    Wednesday 5th of May
  • During the mornings, representatives of individual recycling organisations in Malta will make their contributions. The goal will be to bring the issue of recycling in Malta closer to participants. After each performance, there will be room for questions and discussion.
  • This will be one of the starting materials for the participants’ final project, in which they will summarise concrete ideas for improving the situation in Malta.
  • In the evenings, presentations will take place between national teams, presenting recycling methods in their country. It will introduce other participants to specific challenges, obstacles and solutions in different countries. At the end of the project, participants will try to transfer some procedures for the Maltese environment
  • Detailed assignment will be received by participants at the beginning of April
    Morning (9 – 11:00) online meeting
     Greenpack + Lesa
    Evening (18 – 20:00) online meeting
     Presentations from N.Macedonia and from Slovakia

    Thursday 6th of May
    Morning (9 to 11:00.) online meeting
     Wasteserv + Resource Recovery and Recycling Agency
    Evening (18 – 20:00) online meeting
     Presentations from Greece and from Malta

    Friday 7th of May
    Morning (9 a.m. to 11 a.m.) online meeting
     Focusing on recycling issues from the point of view of young people.
     Discussions with representatives from Malta’s Local School (teachers and parents of some students)
     How recycling is taught in schools, what is the approach of students
     What is the subsequent application of recycling procedures in households
    Evening (18 – 20:00) online meeting
     Resulting presentations and ideas to improve recycling in Malta, each team´s presentation
     Discussion and preparation for the morning presentation, last questions

    Saturday 8th of May
    Morning (9 a.m. to 11 a.m.) online meeting
     Presentation of the resulting ideas for improvement to local council representatives + discussions
    Evening (18 – 20:00) online meeting
     Farewell to the participants
     Talking about Malta – what they learned from a SEPPO game
     Feedback on the whole project

The workshops will take place from May 4th to May 8th 2021 and all of them will be online.

Suggested Selection and Preparation of the Participants
Four participants (preferrably two girls and two boys) 18-25 years old, who should have interest in recycling, learning about the system in question and be well aware of the practice in their communities.
Participants will come from the following countries : Malta, N.Macedonia, Slovak Republic and Greece.

CSR Malta Association Contact
Milan Haluska, Chairman
CSR Malta Association
Tel. +356 9934 6247

If you are interested to apply please fulfill the application form on this link https://forms.gle/SgZ5dnS16EMpXeyH8

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