Sky: Our Common Roof 14-18.04.2020

Dear Friends,
In this Infopack you will find all that you need to know about the Youth Exchange “Sky: Our Common Roof” which will take place in Denizli, Turkey from 14-18.04.2020. Here, you will be provided with information concerning goals and methodology of the Youth Exchange, accommodation, money reimbursement and other vital issues. We hope we will answer all your questions and we are looking forward to seeing you in April 2020 in Turkey.
Best regards,
Hosting Team
Coordinators: Işın Pehlivan, Ceyda Nur Yılmaz
Contact : ,

The topic is from general to specific science of Astronomy. It is in the form of an activity program in which the names of celestial objects are given to the features of each celestial body and its effects on our world from basic to detail. While the project is held, the youth will understand and explain nature, environment and basic sciences not only in the region where it is located, but at a global level. The best way to do this is to explain it to the world by having fun, communicating in the social area, directing it to new projects through young people.
They will also integrate with people from various places on Earth, gain valuable acquaintanceships, exercise their language abilities.


  • to gain knowledge, skills and experiences of basic astronomy,
  • to understand the importance of astronomy as a human being in understanding nature, natural phenomena and the universe as a whole,
  • to use technology to reach information,
  • to take responsibility,
  • to have leadership feature,
  • to respect cultural values,
  • to improve language skills,
  • to inspire each other – gaining the international acquaintanceships,

During the youth exchange some activities will be held such as:

  • Galileo-scope production,
  • observation of constellations,
  • drama with mythological stories,
  • observatory visit,
  • star map making,
  • sky atlas production,
  • planetarium show,
  • games,
  • entertainments
    We will share intercultural values and openness towards other people and approach the larger groups of people, as they will convey the things they will have learned to their friends and share the competencies they gained in the international youth exchange. It will definitely enhance and encourage the people to take part in such international projects!
    After having whole exchange done, we are planning the promotion of the elaborated outcomes, in which all groups will take their part. It will be realised via Internet, social forums etc.


Each participating organisation from 3 countries (Greece, Germany and N.Macedonia) will bring 5 participants (youngsters between 14 and 18 years old), accompanied, by a team leader. A total of 15 young people are expected to participate.


The Youth Exhange will be organised in Denizli, an industrial modern city in the southwestern of Turkey. Denizli is a city of around 1 000 000 inhabitants, with a university and historical sights. It is the home of textiles and a touristic city with its thermal hotels, ancient city “Hierapolis” and the travertines. It is famous for Pamukkale, “The Eighth Wonder of the World“. It is unique and also in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here you can take an online tour:

The youngsters from different countries will be matched to their Turkish peers before coming to Denizli. As long as they stay in Denizli, they will be hosted by their peers’ families. Therefore they will be able to see the famous hospitability of Turkish people and make new friends/sisters/brothers while bridging new cultures.
The team leaders will stay at a hotel in the city center. The accommodation cost will be paid by the host partner.


Denizli Çardak airport stands as the best option as it’s the most convenient one. Firstly, take the flight to Denizli. The next thing to do would be to take the shuttle from the airport to the centre. You will be able to find the way to the bus station at the airport precisely as the shuttle bus will awaiting just outside the airport.
It takes nearly 50min to go to the center and does not cost more than 3€.
Let us know which airport you fly to and what is your arrival hours and we will be able to welcome you smoothly.

Participants will get reimbursement for the travel costs on sight or with a bank transfer (preferably we would like to do it in Turkey in cash – Euro). Remember that there is a financial limit for every participant.
Germany – 360 EUR
Greece – 275 EUR
N.Macedonia – 275 EUR

If you are interested to apply please fulfill the application form on this link

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