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Dear applicants,

We are glad to welcome you to the youth exchange “Nature is Beautiful’’ (2019-3-EE01-KA105-077522) and are looking forward to meet you in Tallinn, very soon. Please, read all the provided information carefully and don’t hesitate to contact us with anything related to your participation in the project.

About the organizer

Youth Planet stands for something dynamic. For our staff of professionals it means being social entrepreneurs and keeping the passion for social purposes, in a modern concept of NGO. We are organization, which creates opportunities for young people who would like to be an active, try and learn something new and gain new experience and knowledge for personal and professional development. We want to enrich the educational, social and cultural life of young people living in our country, mainly young people with fewer opportunities. We believe that young people must become a driving force in building the society in which they live and therefore we create various opportunities in order to help shape a generation that is determined to change our country/and world for the better.

The organization has been established formally in November 2018. Before that we have acted as non-formal group but as we wanted to work more seriously we decide that it is better to act as formal group. We have 10 members as well 9 volunteers from faculty Tallinn School of Economic, faculty -interpretations, marketing, social media marketing, start-up which are active from time to time on our projects. Our members are young people form Tallinn. This project is our first youth exchange supported by Erasmus+ programme Estonian National Agency.

See you soon

Youth Planet

About the project

Aim of project is to teach about environmental protection through photography.

Specific objectives of YE are to:

– Stimulate young people’s spirit of initiative using methods of creative photography raising their ability to create,

– Promote photography as a tool of protecting environment and a way to acquire knowledge and skills useful for persons’ professional development,

– Foster mutual better understanding of ecological situation and culture in countries of participants and develop a sense of ecological awareness,

– Campaign against climate change and environmental degradation,

– Encourage youth to further influence media in the topic of ecology in their own countries,

– Promote cooperation on European level in the fight against climate change,

– Learn about the opportunities which Erasmus+ programme gives to youth in order to motivate young people to be more active in promotion of environmental issues.


The activities will be divided in the three phases of preparation, implementation and evaluation:

PREPARATİON phase include spreading the information about the project; selection and preparation of the participants (Gender balanced, involving participants with fewer opportunities); filling the forms; preparing presentations (NGO, Intercultural Evening, activities); fixing practicalities by the host organization. As part of preparation each group has to prepare workshops which will be organized during the exchange as well to organize local activities after the youth exchange. Participants will be in charged to organize local activities. We expect prepared and active participants on project.

IMPLEMENTATION phase include: Main activity of this project is youth exchange which will be organized in Tallinn, Estonia 9-18 March 2020. The methodology used during the youth exchange is based on fundamental principles of non-formal education. Technique as work in small groups, work on photography, discussions, presentation of good practices and others will allow participants to participate fully in the learning process, learning from experience and facilitating interaction and full participation in the group.

Exchange of food and drink, more known as intercultural night, will be part of this exchange where participants will have chance to taste different kind of food and drinks, also increase awareness and understanding of the cultural and ethnic diversity, create an atmosphere of neighbourly celebration, educate about cultural differences and similarity of countries participate. You can also think of some other things to share with the group from your culture: stories, dances, songs etc. In case you play an instrument, it might be very nice to bring it. Just no power point presentation or country promotion videos, as it would be the best if you can share something in your own words! By the way, to present something from your culture does not mean it has to be something stereotypically from your country: it can be something from region, a city, your family etc. Please note that the program does not include touristic trips and free days therefore in case you are interested in such possibilities we invite you to plan them for yourselves by arranging (on your own costs) some days before or after the training.

ARRIVAL DAY: 9th of March before 3 PM

PROGRAM: 10-17 March

DEPARTURE DAY: 18th around 10 AM

NGO Fair

One of the activities of project is NGO Fair with aim to develop cooperation and new projects between the NGOs. Each organization will have a chance to present itself. Make sure you bring some informational materials, flyers, booklets or publications representing your organization.

EVALUATION include understanding expectations and needs through the preliminary forms; expectations, contribution and fears activity; daily reflection groups; mid-term evaluation; final evaluation; monitoring of follow-up activities.

FOLLOW UP ACTIVITIES will be done by participants when return home. Each group has to organize local workshops for local young people. It is obligatory part of project and we expect that participants participate in it. If you do not want to participate in this phase of project or have no time, please do not come on youth exchange. Only sharing pictures on Facebook and telling to parents and friends about project we do not consider as follow up or dissemination.

YOUTHPASS Certificates

All participants will receive a YouthPass certificate. Upon their request participants will get also Annex to YouthPass with 8 Key Competences.

On this project we do not want to use plastic cups as we do not want to pollute our environment. Please, bring with you cup for coffee, water, tea… We will organize lottery and your cup will be delivered to another participant. And you will receive new cup. That cup will be the one you will use during the project. After the project you will bring it with you at home. It will be your gift from another participant to remind you on this project. The reason we want to use this method is that we want to avoid plastic cups. We do not want to use it as they make big impact on environment. We saw this method on project in Romania and Serbia and it worked very well. Do not forget to bring with you cup! If you forget it you have to buy it in Estonia.

Partner organizations

Oman – 7

European Voluntary and Educational Center Athens – 7

EKO – 7

Love and Care for People-7

Modern Youth Academy Association-7

Target group:

Participants will be form Estonia, Serbia, Greece, Finland, Turkey and Ireland.

The participants will be one who are motivated and interested in environmental protection; the one who would like to learn about photography and create blog; who can participate during all project not only main activity; who can participate in local activities after youth exchange and do follow up and dissemination.

Benefits for participants: Participants will gain a set of environmental protection competencies as well on photography.

The benefits of participants will also be seen through creativity, perseverance, resourcefulness, self-confidence, taking initiative, taking responsibility, teamwork.

Financial conditions:

The youth exchange is implemented by support of the European Commission programme ERASMUS+ and the Estonian National Agency. Travel Expenses (according to Erasmus+ guidelines), accommodation, food and planned activities will be covered by the project budget.

Important notice on food:

Please,keepinmind,thattheprovidedfoodmaydifferfromthefoodyouareusedtohaveinyourcountry,and,evenincaseofprovidingfoodforspecialgroups,e.g.(ifyouareheavilymeateaterorvegetarian)itmaynotfullymeetyourexpectations.Westronglyrecommendparticipantstoinformtheorganizers IN ADVANCE aboutanyspecialneeds. We can provide only regular food and vegetarian food. We have no options as gluten free. If this is problem for you, please bring food you need with you or think ones more if this project is for you.

Travel costs

    Before buying tickets, travel plan has to be sent to organizers for approving.

After the travel plan is approved by organizer participant can buy the tickets they were approved. If participants have any change in the travel plan they have to send it again to organizer for approving. Any other option in buying tickets will be not reimbursed.

Reimbursement will be done after the final report will be approved and we receive second part of money form National Agency. We expect it will be in January 2021.  Reimbursement will be in EUR and sent to sending organization account. All tickets’ costs purchased in a local currency will be converted and calculated according to the exchange rate of the month given by the European Commission. Find the details here:

The participants themselves should cover extra costs (overcoming the budget limits).

Each participant should submit the following documents for the reimbursement:

  1. Tickets (there must be price and name of the person stated on it).
  2.  Boarding passes (in case of loss – please get a confirmation from the airlines, that the flight was taken)
  3. Invoices – yes, even if you have a ticket, our accounting still needs an INVOICE.
  4. Online Check-in should be made before your leave Pärnu to make sure you give us boarding Passes from the way back as well.

IMPORTANT: Be aware that you can wait 8 months for reimbursement of travel costs. If you can’t wait so much, please ones more consider if it is project for you. There is NO participation fee for this training course.

You are allowed to come max 2 days before the YE or leave max 2 days after the YE, but the total amount of the days that are not part of the programme is max 2 days. During these extra days you have to find and cover your own accommodation and other expenses. If you decide to stay more than 2 days longer than the official programme, you will have to cover the traveling expenses yourself.


The weather in Estonia in March is cloudy and cold. Bring with you comfortable and warm garments.


In case if you need visa, you can let us to send you invitation letter. However, visa costs will not be reimbursed. Please, don’t forget to bring your passport or ID with you.


We would have a first aid kit with us. But please make sure that you take any medication that you need. There are pharmacies in Tallinn, but you will be asked for recipes of doctors. There will be list of emergency doctors’ offices available for consultation when needed.

Please note that each participant is required to have travel insurance and health insurance and it is not reimbursable as it is your choice with which company and plan suits you. Travel Insurance (For participants from EU countries the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is advised!

What is the European Health Insurance Card?

It is a free card that gives you access to state-provided health care during a temporary stay in any of the 28 EU countries, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, under the same conditions and at the same cost (free in some countries) as people insured in that country. Insurance cards are issued by your national health insurance provider:


Estonian currency is Euro (EUR)


Phone for emergency 112

Police 110


If you take any medication please remember to bring it with you, in Estonia there are pharmacies here but if you need prescription medication you cannot buy them over the counter without a prescription. Also please, inform us of any medical conditions we need to be aware of in the registration application. If participants have any allergies especially to food this needs to be expressed in the application form above, because changes to the menu will not be possible once the project starts.

Smoking and alcohol

We do not encourage drinking and smoking, but if you want to do it, do it responsible. It is forbidden to smoke or drink inside of your rooms and activities places.


It is completely forbidden to use drugs including “light drugs”

What to bring

  1. Travel Insurance (For participants from EU countries the European Health Insurance)
  2. Card (EHIC) is advised!
  3. Printed materials to represent your organization and/or projects
  4. PASSPORT and a copy to leave with the organizers
  5. Some traditional food/drinks to share during the Youth Exchange. We don’t have possibility to use kitchen for preparation of some food, so bring something what you don’t need to prepare before using.
  6. In rooms there is only one socket, if you have home bring with you some plugs with more sockets.
  7. Bring with you cup for coffee, water, tea… We will organize lottery first day of project and your cup will be delivered to other participant, and you will receive new one. That cup you will use during the project for coffee, tea, water, all beverage you need. You will take care about that cup. After the project you will bring it with you home. You can buy or bring one from your house. But do not bring one which you love so much as it will be gifted to some other participant. At the end of project you will have good present which can remind you on this project.  The reason we want you bring the cup with you is that we want to avoid buying plastic cups.
  8. Good Mood ☺


Project will be held in Tallinn, Estonia. Twisting cobblestone lanes and iron street lamps. Gothic spires and medieval markets. Cappuccino and Wi-Fi. This is the city’s famous Old Town.  If you’re looking for that mix of historic ambience and cutting-edge culture that defines Tallinn, you’ll find it here. Built up from the 13th to 16th centuries, when Tallinn – or Reval as it was known then – was a thriving member of the Hanseatic trade league, this enclosed neighbourhood of colourful, gabled houses, half-hidden courtyards and grandiose churches is, quite rightly, the city’s biggest tourist draw. And the fact that it’s all neatly packaged within a mostly-intact city wall and dotted with guard towers gives it an extra dose of fairy-tale charm. It’s small, compact, and very easily explored on foot.

Our youth exchange will be hosted in Imaginary Hostel. Imaginary Hostel is not just a place to stay overnight but also a home-like living room full of people from all over the world who came here to share their stories in our cosy and friendly atmosphere, to enjoy our weekend entertainments, and to make friends to each other’s and – of course – to our helpful staff who themselves are also big fans and pros of worldwide hostel life.

It is situated in a nice area of Old town, quiet and full of historical sightseeing. All main attractions are just in a few steps from our hostel. A lot of nice cafes and restaurants are at the same street.

Imaginary Hostel has two floors with pretty dorms and private rooms, a small outdoor terrace over a quiet backyard with a nice view on the Old Town tile-red roofs. You will find a charming chimney corner in our living room, and a piano to jazz up your life on a rainy day. Everyone will find here a comfort spot to spend their travelling time – whether you prefer chatting all-night long with neighbour strangers in dormitories or to spend quality time together with friends in private rooms. And of course our mansard – a cherry on top – a creative space for cinema nights, live music concerts, retro parties, and many other opportunities to miss Tallinn right after you leave Imaginary Hostel.

37 Vene,         

Tallinn, Estonia

Accommodation will be in rooms with 8 beds, shared toilets. Bring with you towels, shampoos, soaps, hair dryer and everything you need for hygiene.

Taking care of cleanliness in room is your and your roommate responsibility. There will be no cleaning by the Centre employee during the stay in Centre.

How to come from Tallinn airport to Imaginary Hostel? From Tallinn Airport take a tram number 4, one way ticket cost 1, 10 EUR


Coordinator of project:

Joanna Ivanova- is president of Youth Planer and will be in charged as project manager on this project. Her experience is related to project management and organization of local activities mainly on topic entrepreneurship or social entrepreneurship. Joanna is an experienced Trainer and Youth Worker with more than 10 years in organizing activities for youth.

For more additional information and further questions you can contact us on:


If you want to apply please fulfill the application form on this link:

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