Follow up activities and dissemination of results for Move for Peace project

Hi guys! I am sharing here one follow-up activity I did today with young people from Aluksne school. 13 young people around 17-18. One teacher. We did “power walk” activity, talked about different opportunities of people, assumptions we make about others and what kind of society these young people would like to live in in the future.
Ilze Zvejniece

Topic of the project “Move for peace” was focused on body-based methods and activities. It was organized in breathtaking city Methoni on Greek seaside . Together with our friends from Greece, Romania, Latvia, North Mecednia, Bulgaria and Italy we spend there 8 days. Most of activities were related to our inner and outer peace. A sunny weather helped during exercising outside, next to the nature. We had a pleasure to be involved in nonformal education through organizing even our own training sessions. General opinion about the feelings caused by project were almost the same: we shared and multiplied positive energy and we went very deep into the topic. It would be a pleasure to use this gained knowledge in our youth work in Poland.

Kuba Banaszkiewicz (Note for the FB page of the Polish partner)

People from 9 countries visited our youth space, where we were able to talk more about the project and I spoke a lot about you guys

Valentin Kehayov

Lets talk about youth work #youthworkmatters #moveforpeace

Ivan Ivanov

Hey everyone,I suppose, that those of us, who left Athens as last ones, have reached their home. What a strange feeling to wake up at home, isn’t it? 🙂 I just thought about all this valuable experience we gained all together and wondered, how to extend it somehow.

We are all back in our daily lives, but let’s:

+keep taking care of inner peace – have a proper rest and allow inner peace lead you

+keep moving and spreading inner peace outwards

+keep being attentive, good listeners

+keep standing against nonsense and violence

+keep appreciating the diversity around by letting others remain themselves

+keep exploring and respecting nature

+keep identifying, converting great challenges into more beautiful reality

+keep moving (forward hopefully :)) and keep developing your unique, wonderful personality & soul. Make love, not war 😉

Have more ideas?

Marta Rubina

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