Erasmus+ in Slovenia from 12-18.08.2021

Our organization is partner in Youth Exchange project in Ljutomer, Slovenia from 12-18.08.2021 and should be represented with 4 participants from Greece from 13-30 years old and 1 leader of the group with 18+ years old. The accommodation, food and costs for transportation are payed from the Erasmus+ program.

According to the Erasmus+ rules each participant is paying transportation costs from his living place to the place of the project in Slovenia, in this situation town of Ljutomer, and after the project the organizer is reimbursing the costs to the bank account of the participant. Limit of transportation costs is setting by Erasmus+ program to 275 eur.

The organizer gave us this info about the project:

Mladinski center Prlekije – Pokrajinski center NVO, so.p.
Spodnji Kamenščak 23
9240 Ljutomer

The Prlekija Youth Center is located at the crossroads of the Podravska-Pomurska region, in the countryside and in a pleasant ambience. Extensive outdoor areas are suitable for camping and sports, and the interior of the building allows the implementation of various cultural, preventive and social protection programs, innovative and development activities, non-formal education programs, voluntary activities or simply socializing and networking. We have a youth hostel, a shelter for young victims of violence and a children’s and youth eco-farm. The author of the motto of the Youth Center of Prlekija is dr. Karel Grossmann, the creator of the first Slovenian film record, who once said: “A person is mentally free if he dares to speak and work according to his honest beliefs.”

Tamara Brumen (24 years old)

  • Youth worker and coordinator of the Erasmus + project Get green, get better and ESE
  • Volunteer in the Erasmus + project Get green, get better
  • She is on the municipal youth commission
  • Participant in learning workshops
  • Vice-president of the Ljutomer Youth Council
  • Participation in the European Solidarity Unit

Short description of the project:

With the project, we want to enable young people to integrate into society in an innovative way, we also want to connect them with youth work, so through activities we will also present youth work in the Youth Center Prlekija. We will take young people on a rafting trip on the Mura River into unspoiled nature, get to know and help take care of the animals and the self-sufficient garden. They will carry out activities to make them feel better. Participants will prepare a cultural evening where they will present their country with the help of innovative games or traditional dishes. We will try to connect young people more with the help of teambuilding, which will be carried out by the host organization. Through the project we will get to know animals and their significance for humans. We will introduce young people to traditional Slovenian crafts, which can serve as a new market niche in their country. Through the activities, we will also strive for the preservation of the environment, and at the same time we will hold a mini competition for the best photography of unspoiled nature. Young people will be faced with a challenge they do not expect. Their skills and knowledge will come to the fore. 30 young people from 5 organizations will be included (5 countries: Slovenia, Jordan, Italy, Romania and Greece). Young people aged 18 to 30 will participate (younger people can also participate if they have the appropriate consent). They will be accommodated in our green hostel where we have a room with several beds together. We will divide them into a male and female group. Each organization will consist of a group of five young people, of which one leader (4 + 1). Since all activities are suitable for both sexes, we strive for the same number of participants by gender. For the project, we want young people who are curious, inquisitive, have an interest in working with young people and have no social or other prejudices.

If you are interested to participate in this project please fulfill this application form

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